Halal certification acquired


As a new initiative of the tea industry, we are actively introducing state-of-the-art tea manufacturing factory systems to cultivate stable high-quality tea.
As an approach to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, it is an urgent task to prepare appropriate foods and drinks not only for our country but also for overseas travelers.
In October 2014, we acquired Halal certification from Japan Asia Halal Association, a Japanese Halal certification body, so that Muslim people who are increasing in recent years have enjoyed tea.

What is halal certification?

As a new initiative in the tea industry, Sarai Matsusaka is actively implementing the most cutting edge tea manufacturing factory system to cultivate stable, high quality tea so many people around the country can enjoy tea from Mie Prefecture.
As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approach, it is our urgent task to prepare the right foods and drinks not only for people in our country, but also for travelers from abroad.
In October 2014, we acquired Halal Certification from the Japanese halal certification organization Nippon Asia Halal Association so that the recently increasing Muslim (Islamic) population can enjoy our tea with ease.

Halal certification inspection by the Nippon Asia Halal Association

Introduction to our halal products

Matcha and Genmai Tea

Green tea grown and processed at our very own tea plantation and factory in Japan are blended with made-in-Japan matcha (powdered green tea) and genmai (brown rice) into a tea bag.


Deep-Steamed Green Tea Packs (Superior)

These deep-steamed green tea packs, made using the first tea crop, have superb flavor and color.



Exclusively using rare, expensive tea leaves, this product is made with a tea master's uncompromising commitment to quality.


Deep-Steamed Green Tea Packs (Standard)

These tea packs, made using the first and second tea crops, are reasonably priced but also extremely delicious.