Specified Commercial Transaction Law

1.Shop Sarai Matsusaka Co., Ltd.
2.Seller Sarai Matsusaka Co., Ltd.
3.CEO Yoshikatsu Nakamura
4.Address and other contact information 3860-2 Kayumi, Iinan-cho, Matsusaka, Mie
Tel outside of Japan: +81 598-32-2201
Fax outside of Japan: +81 598-32-2213
E-MAIL : info@saraimatsusaka.com
*We accept your contact by e-mail out of business hours and will return your mail to you next business day.
5.Order method Please order from the order form on this site.
6.Payment method Paypal
7.Payment deadlines I will guide the total amount of product price and shipping orders by e-mail
confirmation, please pay through Paypal.
8.Necessary charges Shipping will be added.
You are to bear the import duty at the destination. >>More Info
9.Cancellation of Orders Orders cannot be cancelled once the sales contract has been finalized.
If payment is not confirmed within 72 hours of your order, you may have been canceled from us.
Please note that orders have to be cancelled if the delivery addresses are out of our delivery areas.
10.Expiration date of your order The lifetime of the application will be 72 hours.
If payment is not confirmed within 72 hours of your order, you may have been canceled.。
11.Shipping methods We send items from Japan.
Overseas Shipping
We will ship products using the services of a safe and rapid international EMS.
Shipping fee is same to the EMS.
>>More Info
12.Regarding shipment We will be ready to ship your order within 5 days after confirmation of your payment.
If our shipment will be delayed for out of stock, we will contact email you in advance.
13.Returns and Exchanges If you received a defective product or you have received the wrong product, please contact us email within 7 days.
To return or exchange shipping cost will be borne by us.
actual order, please contact us via email or phone within 7 days from the date of item arrival.
We limit to mistakes and defective products in our shop. Please understand that we will not accept receipts for returned goods without contact.
14.Governing law <Governing law>
The finalization, validity, fulfillment, and construe of this contract are governed by the laws of Japan.

This contract is effective as of 20/11/2017.

Sarai Matsusaka Co., Ltd.