About our tea

The Tea Making of
Sarai Matsusaka

We care about not only
“experience” but “data”.

At Sarai Matsusaka, our tea-making is backed not only by experience and instinct, but also by advanced agricultural practices.
Our analysis of tea plants and soil is based on numerical values.

・Air temperature, humidity, and soil temperature are tracked in real time with sensors, 365 days a year

・Once every two months, soil analysis is used to determine which fertilizers to use

・At our tea processing facility, cutting-edge computer technology and factory automation enable us to provide high-quality products

①Harvested tea leaves are brought to the tea factory.
②The tea leaves are steamed uniformly, eliminating the grassy smell while maintaining their green color.
③As hot air is released in stages, the tea leaves are gently shaken. This gradually reduces their internal moisture content.
④In order to make the moisture uniform, massage the tea leaves without heating and apply pressure to massage.
⑤In order to give the tea leaves a slender, elongated shape, we shake them only in a set direction while drying them.
⑥The leaves are dried further so that they are fit for storage. They are then packed.

Sarai Matsusaka's Key Points

As we have produced the agricultural product that is tea, nature has been our constant companion, and we have always had a mutual understanding with it.
However, the persistent abnormal weather of recent years has made it more difficult to make quality products and reliably ship fixed quantities solely on the strength of the experience and instinct that we have developed through our relationship with nature.

Amid these circumstances, we at Sarai Matsusaka are doing everything we can to analyze our soil and tea fields numerically. This allows us to consistently provide high-quality products that satisfy our customers.

Additionally, consultants in the field of precise, scientific soil analysis are helping us to practice environmentally-friendly soil care. We manage our own environment in a way that facilitates both human health and the preservation of the natural environment.

We work hard every day, so that this beautiful tea garden can thrive eternally, and so that we can continue to make tea with the soil and the fields in mind.