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Greeting from
a Sarai Representative

"Hello, everyone. I am Nakamura, representative for Sarai Matsusaka. This time, I will speak about Sarai Matsusaka's tea cultivation!

Many years ago, the way that farmers produced their crops was by reading the weather. Understanding through experience the ways that crops could change, they farmed in a way that coexisted with nature, with experience and instinct.
If we were to examine the farming of old through a modern, scientific lens, we would see that they managed their crops in a way that made sense. We would think, 'Yes, that's right!'
However, farming through experience and instinct like that would not work as well in the present day.
We are under the influence of unexpected weather: overly hot summers, warm winters, record rainfall, too little rainfall, the pest infestations that come with these conditions, and so on. The current situation is such that the experience and instincts of our predecessors do not apply.

So, what does this mean for growing tea at Sarai Matsusaka? Three years ago, we thought: 'If we can't apply that experience and instinct, let's understand our tea plants and soil as numbers!' Since then, we have installed sensors in several places in our area, to measure air temperature, humidity, and soil temperature in real time, 365 days a year.

Additionally, we use the results of the soil testing we perform once every two months to decide which fertilizers we should use. When buds appear, we use a sugar tester to measure the sugar content, which determines the picking period. With the use of various tools and the knowledge of experts, we have a dialogue, by way of numbers, with our beloved tea plants.

In doing these things for three years, we have realized the importance of truly meaningful management, and of being able to do it as much as needed, when needed.
It makes the tea plants happy!
When our tea plants are happy, that is the very best sort of happiness for us as producers, too.
Also, this is indeed a new kind of agriculture. We believe that for the people who drink it, this is reliable, safe tea in the truest sense!

We at Sarai Matsusaka believe that happy tea plants mean happy customers. We want to continue to work in the cultivation of tea.」

Passionate feelings about tea are certainly something we all have.
When these feelings come together, there are many things we can accomplish.
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.
With people using those strengths to do their various jobs, I believe that we are a great company, one that is overflowing with personality.

We humbly ask for your support from this point forward, as well.

Representative director:
Yoshikatsu Nakamura

Company Profile

People deepen their connections, hoping to form bonds.
Helping others, being helped by others; this is how people live.
Nature is always nearby. Nature is the same as ever. Or is it?
It's different from how it was before. Something has changed.
Due to the abnormal weather of recent years, the way farming is done is in the process of changing.
The instincts and experience developed over the ages no longer apply.
It should be possible to make products with the same flavor every year, but with changes in weather beyond what anyone could have imagined,
it's become difficult to produce quality products and guarantee fixed shipment quantities.
As partners of nature, to develop a new form of farming that can function in a disrupted environment,
we are constantly thinking about how we can grasp the situation, and what it is that consumers want most, rather than simply relying on instinct and experience.
Farming is something we have to do.
At Sarai Matsusaka, we are carving out the shape of the farming of the future.
We thoroughly analyze and quantify our tea fields and soil, in accordance with the current situation.
This informs our rigorous management,
which enables us to harvest high-quality produce with greater reliability.
While striving to further elevate the quality of the Ise Tea that represents Mie Prefecture,
we have proven that we have the ability to deliver for consumers who want safety and reliability.
Soothing the soul, relaxing the mind, and creating connections through tea.
Peace of mind is something we will always hold dear.

Sarai Matsusaka Co., Ltd. /
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Address [Head Office] 3860-2 Kayumi, Iinan-cho, Matsusaka, Mie
[Factory] 5175 Kayumi, Iinan-cho, Matsusaka, Mie
Directors Representative director: Yoshikatsu Nakamura
Senior executive director: Takumi Okada
Executive director: Satoshi Mizuhira
TEL/FAX +81 598-32-2201/+81 598-32-2213
E-mail info@saraimatsusaka.com
Blog(Japanese text only) http://ameblo.jp/saraitea/
facebook page(Japanese text only) http://www.facebook.com/saraimatsusaka
twitter(Japanese text only) http://twitter.com/sarai_nakamura

Company History

August 2007 Establishes Sarai Matsusaka Co., Ltd.
January 2008 Registers as a certified farmer
September 2008 Completion ceremony for the tea processing factory
March 2009 Obtains certification as an Eco-farmer
April 2009 Opens retail outlet
August 2011 Winner, MAFF Award, Deep-Steamed Tea (Fukamushi Sencha) Category, 64th Kansai Tea Fair
September 2011 Winner, Kansai Tea Industry Conference Chairman's Award, 39th Ise Tea Fair
October 2011 Authorized Brand Retailer, Ise Tea
November 2012 Wins the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award for the Category of Deep-steamed Tea (Fukamushi Sencha) at the 65th Kansai Tea Fair
November 2013 Wins the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award for the Category of Deep-steamed Tea (Fukamushi Sencha) at the 66th Kansai Tea Fair
October 2014 Wins the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award for the Category of Deep-steamed Tea (Fukamushi Sencha) at the 67th Kansai Tea Fair
October 2014 Acquires “Halal” certification from the Nippon Asia Halal Association.
October 2015 Mie Brand Certification
October 2016 JGAP Certification Attained


【Head Office】
3860-2 Kayumi, Iinan-cho, Matsusaka, Mie

5175 Kayumi, Iinan-cho, Matsusaka, Mie