Health benefit

Let's have tea for your health

The history of tea

It is said that tea originated in China.
While running about the countryside testing wild trees, shrubs and leaves to find those suitable for humans, Emperor Shennong found 72 poisons that he was able to counteract with tea leaves.
Tea was actually originally used in China as medicine, in particular as an antidote to poisons.
As we can see from this history, tea contains a lot of ingredients that are good for our health.

Tea components

Catechin Strong antibacterial effect.Weakens the activity of the flu virus.Suppresses allergies.
Caffeine Restores energy.Restores wakefulness.Stimulates the brain.Strengthens the heart.Acts as a diuretic.
Theanine Calms the effects of caffeine, working on the nerve cells of the brain for a relaxing effect.
Vitamins C/A/E Vitamin C prevents colds and beautifies the skin, while Vitamin E prevents aging.
Fiber Prevents colon cancer.
Fluorine Strengthens the surfaces of the teeth and increases their resistance.
Minerals Accelerate the metabolism.
Saponin Calms.Relieves pain.Reduces fat.Prevents blood clots.

This tea for this time

For when you are in between work tasks, are about to play sports, or are tired but want to put in a bit more effort.
Choose a tea with a higher concentration of caffeine to stimulate your brain, wake yourself up, and stimulate your muscles!

  • MIYABI 雅

    Exclusively using rare, expensive tea leaves, this product is made with a tea master's uncompromising commitment to quality.


  • AOI 葵

    This deep-steamed green tea is made from tea leaves harvested at their most flavorful period, then carefully selected by a tea master. Please enjoy the well-balanced flavor and aroma.


  • Deep-Steamed Green Tea Packs (Superior)

    These deep-steamed green tea packs, made using the first tea crop, have superb flavor and color.



When you want to be gentle on your stomach because you are about to go to bed, are hungry, or have just eaten an oily meal.
A tea with a low concentration of caffeine will be gentle on your stomach and have a nice light, refreshing taste.
Recommended for the elderly and children, too.

  • Roasted Green Tea Packs

    A flavor with a high-class feel, made with roasted stalks and stems after the first tea crop is picked.


  • Genuine Domestically-Produced Delicious Black Oolong Tea Bags (HALAL)

    The aroma is strong, and the flavor has sweetness.



After a meal, you will want to get lots of catechin to keep cavity-causing bacteria from multiplying and to prevent food poisoning.

  • MIDORI 翠

    This deep-steamed green tea is "concocted with crude tea," which retains the original flavor of the ingredients and draws out the natural flavor of the tea.


  • Deep-Steamed Green Tea Packs (Standard)

    These tea packs, made using the first and second tea crops, are reasonably priced but also extremely delicious.