Red Ginger (Ginger + Japanese Black Tea)

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Sarai Matsusaka's black tea, made from the tea leaves of Matsusaka in Mie.
Though its color and aroma is that of black tea, after you drink it, it has a Japanese green tea aftertaste.
With or without adding sugar, you can enjoy it as you like.
Warm up your body's insides, and your mind, with the power of ginger and black tea.
For people who get cold easily, or are worried about their metabolism, the appeal is the spicy kick.

Net weight 2g x 15bags
Ingredients Fermented tea,Ginger
Freshiness date 1 year
Preservation method -10~20℃
Avoid places subject to high temperature and high humidity, and note that the scent may linger in some cases.
Manufacturer Sarai matsusaka Co.,Ltd