Matcha and Genmai Tea (Blended)

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Green tea grown and processed at our very own tea plantation and factory in Japan are blended with made-in-Japan matcha (powdered green tea) and genmai (brown rice) into a tea bag.
Offers both the aroma of genmai tea and the mellow flavorof matcha in a tea bag.

1, place the teabag in a teacup and pour in hot water (approx.90)
2, Wait about 1 minute, remove the tea-bag , and the tea is ready to drink.

Net weight 2g x 15bags (vacuum packed into paper cartons)
Ingredients Green tea, genmai (brown rice), matcha (powdered green tea)
Freshiness date 12 months from manufacturing date
Preservation method Room temperature
Manufacturer Sarai matsusaka Co.,Ltd